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Goldwell Residency, October 18-30, 2009.

Oct 30, Day 12: Homeward bound. Ready to head home. Signed and numbered all the prints this morning and will get them up in the normal galleries over the weekend. All in all I printed over 160 individual prints in 28 editions.

Oct 29, Day 11: Today was my last day of printmaking here and I tackled 2 challenging prints. 1 is a 3-color print that came out ok, not great, but ok. The other is my largest plate ever and I learned a lot while making it. See below for details. Tomorrow I'm going to go through all the prints and sign/number them.

This is "Raven's Ring" my last print while here at the Goldwell. It is my largest plate yet and was done with a mix of etching and aquatint. It is 6" x 9".

The edition of 7 of "Raven's Ring"

All the plates from my stay here.

Here is RavenbotOrder in three-colors. Still gotta work out the registration...

Here is RavenbotOrder in one-color. I really like this plate.

Oct 28, Day 10: Got a little late start and despite the wind AND COLD I worked through a number of plates today. I hope the weather mellows tomorrow. I'm got 2 images I want to finish. Friday I'm going to spend the day signing, numbering, cataloging and photographing all of the work I did while I was here. Will drive home Saturday and hope that Tioga will still be open.

A simple and small (2" x 3") drypoint called "RavenTree"

This is a small test plate called "WaterWorx" that I really like. It started out with a hard ground resist etching (for the lines) and was then aquatinted (for the background gradient/tone) One of my final prints from my stay here will definitely include this process.

A small and quick little etching of the BucketBot

This was a test of a new approach (for me) of an aquatint process. Mildly successful and will do more of these in the future.

Oct 27, Day 9: Today was a long day. It was really REALLY windy. Loud enough that I couldn't hear myself think sometimes. I did get a few things done, but it was blustery. I left the workspace around 4 and drove over to Lone Pine (through a pretty stellar dust storm) and had dinner with Ben and Denise Jones (old friends of mine.) Stayed the night at their house.

High winds, and amazing skies.

"Self-Control Bot"

An etching of Riley, the caretaker at the Goldwell Open Air Museum.

This is the finished 3-color print I mentioned yesterday.

It has been VERY windy here. Gusting winds loud enough that I can't hear myself think. But some great skies.

Oct 26, Day 8: Was a really focused day. Finished 2 plates and ran their editions and then ran 2 colors for a 3-color print that I'll finish up tomorrow.

Colors 1 and 2 of a 3-color print I'll finish tomorrow.

"DRINKMAKR" Engraving and Aquatint on copper.

"Canned Ham Sideshow" Engraving on acrylic.

A hand colored AP from "Canned Ham Sideshow"

Oct 25, Day 7: When I told folks that I was headed to the middle of nowhere they thought I was kidding...

Anyway, today being Sunday I slept in till 7:30 (and that's sleeping in for me). I got a lot of prep work done today plus a couple editions and then headed over to Stovepipe Wells in the late afternoon to see the dunes. Got a few more reference shots. Came 'home' and enjoyed some Trader Joe's goodness for dinner and a decent chardonnay.

Note the touristas at sunset.

DV Dunes at Stovepipe Wells, CA

A fisheye shot, dunes in the far distance.

Out to the Stovepipe Wells dunes! (But my hat isn't nearly as cool as Riley's below.)

Meet Riley, the gracious host at the house out amongst the Goldwell exhibits. Will be doing an etching of him tomorrow.

An etching of a Raven. (ferric chloride etching, plus drypoint and roulette.)

A panorama headed west from the Daylight Pass.

This is a 3-color, and 3-process intaglio print inspired by the ghost town of Rhylolite.

Oct 24, Day 6: Got an early start today an worked through a few editions and then spent the afternoon working on some new processes with good results. Was a good day and my feet are tired from standing on concrete all day. Now settling down to dinner with Curried Lentils and Naan from Trader Joe's. Yumm.

A small engraving of one of the Rhyolite Ruins buildings. This will be one plate in a 3-color print I'm editioning tomorrow.

A photo-intaglio plate being exposed. Check in tomorrow for the results.

A little workspace shot. This shot defies how messy this process really is...

Another lineup shot. Say if anyone has an extra drying rack, consider donating it to the Goldwell!

A print titled Ravenstorm on the left., hand colored AP at the center

Here's the Owl Trooper, a mezzotint.

Assorted oddities from today.

Here's the Bonneville print. I hand colored a few of these and added some color to the sky.

Oct 23, Day 5: Drove into Vegas this morning for supplies and groceries. Was back by 1 and printed a couple proofs and a Mono lake edition. Started a plate for a a Bonneville Flats panoramic image that I will finish tomorrow morning.

Here's the edition.

And here's the print: Mono Lake Tufa. This was printed with an aquatint process and then engraved with a variety of tools.

Oct 22, Day 4: Had a great day today. Finished the Zabriskie plate and printed the edition, hand colored several early-state plates, printed the Angry Flower edition. Then I ran into some issues figuring out photo intaglio plates. Took several tries and a bunch of hours, but when I got it I got it. Printed a short edition of this process (see Zabriskie Photo Intaglio first picture below). Worked late and got starts on 2 new aquatint plates. Tomorrow I'm headed into Las Vegas in the morning to go to the Dick Blick art store and then pick up some groceries.

Zabriskie Photo Intaglio (7 minute exposure, transparency printed in halftone at 45 line screen dot pattern, backed with multiple layers of transparencies to hold surface level to plate.)

Today's prints on the wall (am above, pm below)

Angry Flower edition - from acrylic plates. I definitely liked working on the acrylic and will do more like that.

Zabriskie Point etching (final state/edition)

Oct 21, Day 3: Got up early today and shot photos at Zabriskie Point as the sun rose. Had breakfast at Furnace Creek Resort and then spent the rest of the day printmaking. At the end of the day I wandered through the sculpture garden and took a few photos.

Proof state 1 for Zabriskie Sunrise. Will revise the plate and pull the edition tomorrow.

Today's lineup

Printed the Contraption Owl edition.

WhirlyBot - solar plate, not really happy with the result.

Desert Colors

Its all a matter of perspective. This is a tilt-shift photo, along the front ridge about 1/3 over is a single figure.

Early morning trip out to Zabriskie Point

Oct 20, Day 2: Was a great day. Started with pulling some proofs for an aquatint plate. Did an experimental engraving on acrylic plates (which I liked a lot). Did my first 4 color intaglio print with mixed success and printed a short edition of the GasBot. Pics Below.

The Albert Szukalski shrine in the cabinet.

The Angry Flower (proof)

The Contraption Owl (aquatint and engraving proof)

My first four-color edition.

GasBot Edition printed this afternoon.

Oct 19, Day 1: Drove here yesterday and it was a pleasant drive, just over 6 hours. Spent a few hours getting everything sorted out and organized/arranged around the workspace.

Today I started with some test exposure prints for aquatint and photo plates, started the first print and quickly botched it - missed a big step along the process - I'll blame it on nerves. Worked through redoing that plate and several proofs and then achieved one I am happy with. Also etched an aquatint plate and will pull the first proof off of it in the AM. Here's some pics below. Learn more about the Goldwell Center here.

View of Rhyolite from the back door of the Goldwell barn.

This morning's test plates and proofs.

Inside the barn - large Takach press in the front medium Conrad press in the rear

Plenty of workspace

Behold the GasBot!

Aquatint plate all stopped out and ready for its last bath.